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Christmas Journeys

The Pilgrim's Way

7.30pm on 13th December 2019

Upper Chapel

Norfolk Street


S1 2JD

Tickets available soon and on the door! Check back here for details.

Passport ready? – Join us on a whistle stop tour along the CAMINO Ways of St. James for a Seasonal Choral Pilgrimage discovering music both rustic and refined in period and imaginative contemporary arrangements, with new CHRISTMAS compositions too.


Time to hit the ADVENT Pilgrim Camino trails with ports of call, and a few detours, along the way.


From far-flung European starting points, we plunder music of the Black Madonna en route. Celebrating a cosmopolitan CHRISTMAS of delights arriving at Santiago de Compostela - the Field of the Star - then out to Cape Finisterre for EPIPHANY – the Edge of the World.


We look out from the Atlantic coast, with its glimmering sea and stars, to the horizon, beyond which we join a lively Montevidean Afro-Spanish émigré Fiesta Carnival.


Our wayfaring companions will also include Italian pastoral rustic Pifferari (the Viva Voce Players) as they take their yearly journey down the Abruzzi mountains into Rome to pay homage to the Virgin and Child.


Back here at home come a-Wassailing in English cider orchards, promoting a good harvest for the coming year, reciting incantations and singing to the trees before swaggering door-to-door singing and carolling and offering drink from our wassailing bowl. Enjoy yourself with others in ‘a noisy, lively way’!


So, pick your preferred route...

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