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A Rose Of Such Virtue - Director's Digest

Anchor Bach


Friday 14th December 2017

Upper Chapel

Norfolk Street


S1 2JD


Here’s your taster menu for what’s in store at the VIVA VOCE Christmas choral feast…

with its variations on the ‘There is no Rose’ theme.

The very best lush and imaginative contemporary settings:

Kenneth Leighton – Of a Rose, is all my song

James MacMillan – O Radiant Dawn & Ave Maris Stella

Matthew Martin – Ecce Concipies – an Annunciation telling like no other.

Jan Sandstrom – Det ar en Ros utsprungen – Praetorius ‘recomposed’.

Jonathan Dove – The three Kings. Mary’s inner premonitions whilst telling of the Magi to her son.

Jonathan Lane & Alan Smith – There is no Rose – compare & contrast…

Music for Yuletide Revellers:

Jaakko Mantyjarvi – Old Christmas Returned (or Hospitality Revived) – an anglophiles take on

inebriate Yuletide Wassailing.

Jonathan Rathbone -a swingle style basque Gabriel’s Message

William Walton – Make we joy now in this fest

The English ‘pastoral’ scene:

 Peter Warlock – As dew in Aprylle – harmonic sophistication par excellence.

 John Joubert – There is no Rose in meditative instrumental form

Home-grown sonic splendour of Renaissance polyphonists:

 Peter Philips - O Beatum et Sacrosanctum Diem – choral trumpets, strings, psaltery and

organ to the fore!

 Robert Cowper – a tintinnabulate Gloria in Excelsis

Lusty and erudite Georgian ‘West’ Gallery Quire Wassailing with a hand picked Band:
(requires some audience participation – ballad sheets to be provided)

 Thomas Greatorex with distinctly portuguese flavoured Adeste, fideles introduced as a


 John Fawcett - Strike! Seraph Strike your harps of Gold – A northern Oratorio-like treat.

 Stephen Storace - Sheffield’s James Montgomery’s Angels from the Realms to a barely

disguised risqué Italian opera buffa number

 John Foster – ‘Old Foster’ of High Green, While Shepherds Watched. The definitive ‘Sheffield’


Romantic ‘Operatic’ Excess:

 Anton Bruckner – Virga Jesse – the ‘Cecilian movement’ poster boy does good.

 A chain-dance Provençal processional Farandole MARCHO DI REI - the original carol melody

in Bizet’s L'Arlesienne party ‘mix’

Lovingly wrapped pastoral instrumental extracts to detox:

 Locatelli - Christmas Concerto Grosso – Shepherd’s, sheep, starlight – you get the picture.

 Pez – Pastorale Concerto for two recorders – see them ‘pifferari’ go

Half time drinks and Mince pies to boot – What’s not to like.



This concert is dedicated to the memory of Peter Hackett – versatile Sheffield Musician, Educator,

inspiration and Renaissance man.

He’d have liked this gig – some fine colleagues and friends will pay tribute with their talents!


God bless.

RoseDirctors cut
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